We welcome you to the world of Chulah Spices, a Mumm Industries Brand.
We are a collaborative effort of like minded people who share their passions for great food, conversations, cooking and travel. We work with various producers, manufacturers, specialists across the range of spices from different geographies to share some of the best blends for your use. We at Mumm Industries are committed to superior taste and health for families.

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Original spice but never burns the stomach, try it once. I'll try blended spices next time.
Must Have.
Rekha Rana
Home Maker
I really like using it's products In my kitchen to make food more authentic & delicious.
Thank you Chulah!
Bhupendra Kumar
Professional Chef
Quantity & quality is & and arrived in a sealed packaging with very recent packing date.
Recommended for all.
Sneha Goyal
Textile Merchandiser
Chulah has been an absolute essential to my daily cooking in London & I make sure I stock up each time I visit India.
Shruti Ajith